Riverside Symposium

This symposium’s goal is to intervene in predominant U.S. imaginaries of global crisis that relegate “atrocity” and “religious conflict” to the Global South, while producing the U.S. and its European allies as humanitarian actors par excellence. Rather than pitting human rights and humanitarian intervention against religious fundamentalism, then, we instead wish to consider how religious affiliations and movements are in conversation with and are themselves humanitarian actors, and how religious organizations may produce alternate visions of justice and the common good.

Humanitarian Ethics October 2nd

10:00am-11:30am Imperial Legacies, Humanitarian Formations
Samera Esmeir, Associate Professor, Rhetoric, UC Berkeley
Shahab Malik, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, UC Riverside
Evren Savci, Assistant Professor, Women and Gender Studies, San Francisco State University
David Lloyd, Distinguished Professor, English, UC Riverside
Moderator: Neda Atanasoski, Associate Professor, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz


1:00-2:30pm Religious Rhetorics, Raced Movements
Sylvia Chan-Malik, Assistant Professor, American Studies/Women’s & Gender Studies, Rutgers
Loubna Qutami, PhD Candidate, Ethnic Studies, UC Riverside
Ashon Crawley, Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies, UC Riverside
J. Kameron Carter, Associate Professor, Theology, Divinity School, Duke
Moderator: Fred Moten, Professor, English, UC Riverside


2:45-4:15pm Deconstructing Indigeneity, Decolonizing Settler Worldviews
Sarah Hunt, Assistant Professor, Geography, University of British Columbia
Natalie Avalos, Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, Connecticut College
Kehaulani Vaughn, PhD Candidate, Ethnic Studies, UC Riverside
Maile Arvin, Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies, UC Riverside
Moderator: Mariam Lam, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, UC Riverside






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